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The perfect match

Highly qualified and motivated employees are the most important success potential of future-oriented companies. With its individually designed seminars, OUTWARD BOUND offers you the worldwide proven supplement for the transfer of specialist knowledge in the company for 65 years!

OUTWARD BOUND uses nature and outdoor activities as a medium for the formation and development of the personality. By means of the elements used, the participants collect experiences and experiences that sustain and promote their development.

This is how you benefit as a company

Effective retention of apprentices to your company
Motivated apprentices with self-confidence, initiative and understanding of quality
Changed learning behavior, satisfied apprentices and trainers

How your trainees benefit

Development of personal resources and potentials
Problem solving and communication skills
Collecting valuable team experience
Proof of gained qualification by a certificate of participation

Our course formats

We offer courses in a variety of formats - and are very flexible in finding with you exactly the format that suits your company and your trainees. We are happy to advise you!

Starter (1-3 days)

This short format is to be understood as a taster course. It is suitable as a kick-off event at the beginning of the training or as a stimulating social interim measure.
The participants and supervisors have the opportunity to get to know not only the trainers and our philosophy, but also the experiential equipment of our houses (climbing wall, high ropes course, grounds for cooperation games) and to make a small hike (in any weather)!

Classic (4 - 6 days)

This form of course is recommended for groups who have the time to get involved in the more challenging possibilities of experiential learning after a period of familiarization. The goal is the personal development of the individual participants and the improvement of social cohesion (team building). The program will be tailored to the particular group and their needs. A two- or three-day expedition to the alpine terrain with exciting mountain tours, overnight stay in the bivouac / igloo or in the self-catering hut is usually included.

Deluxe (7-14 days)

For sustainable personal and social experiences of the trainees, this format is recommended. It offers time and space for the development of team processes, for the clarification of conflicts in the group, for intensive nature experience in the mountains and for an intensive processing of all these experiences in the sense of the securing of results and the transfer into the workplace.