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Information for Schools and Educators

We'll gladly assist in creating a course of a suitable length which meets your specifications according to chosen themes, personal wishes, and specific group targets.

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What our Programmes Offer You

  • course content and program components individually tailored to the specific needs of you and your participants
  • assigned contact persons accompany you from the beginning of course preparation and accompany you throughout the entire stay
  • pedagogical assistance from educators trained in sports, who help design, implement, and supervise the course
  • smaller teams are created from larger groups, achieving maximum process orientation, sustainability, and safety
  • our on-site trainers offer daily support up to 11 p.m.
  • in case of an overnight emergency, qualified staff are always available on-call in the building
  • alternative programmes on bad-weather days
  • based on the programme requirements, free and unrestricted usage of necessary materials (i.e. hiking boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, climbing equipment)
  • the highest safety standards for the programme, materials and personnel

For more course information, important documentation, and further background information, please see Downloads.

“The complex needs of children/youth are met and personal growth facilitated, through various outdoor activities, professional trainers, reflexion, and flexibility in programme design.”

Fabienne Woiton, SOS-Kinderdorf Weilheim, 08.05.2017

“OUTWARD BOUND trips challenge our students both mentally and physically in a way that they can’t experience at school.”

Colin Campbell, Senior School Deputy Principal, International School of Düsseldorf

“The trainers are very patient, friendly and courteous. I was impressed by the facilities and activities planned. With the trainers' help, you could see the group growing together and learning interpersonal skills. Thank you!“

Julian Randt, Schüler MCG Gehrden, 16.06.2017

„The children can develop their own strengths, learning to trust themselves and others.“

Anouk Helmholtz, Gymnasium Plochingen, 07.04.2017

„Five days of OUTWARD BOUND gave our participants (slight) muscle soreness, in addition to a beaming face. In such a short time, they were given so much: they improved their self-awareness, and were well on their way to achieving their personal development goals.“

Rebecca Gallandt, Lebenshilfe Bayern e.V., 24.04.2017

Advantages and Benefits of our Work

We support the educational mission of your school and promote your students' development of their soft and hard skills.

  • Gaining trust, loyalty, appreciation and respect
  • Creating social and ecological consciousness
  • Improving communication, positive conflict culture, and cooperation
  • Increasing the sense of responsibility, self-confidence, and independence
  • Encouraging motivation and team spirit
  • Heightening interpersonal skills and team work
  • Stress management and reduction
  • Improved competence in presentation skills & project knowledge, in addition to the development of theoretical models

Unsere Arbeitsweise

Herausforderung: Wir provozieren zum Schritt aus der Komfortzone. Die Teilnehmer haben dabei die Möglichkeit sich ihren mentalen und physischen Grenzen zu stellen und werden dabei unterstützt über sich hinaus zu wachsen.

Unsere Arbeitsweise

Gruppenselbststeuerung: „Ihr seid die Crew und nicht die Passagiere!“ Unsere Teilnehmer sind aktive Gestalter der Ergebnisse. Dabei kommen unsere Werte Durchhaltevermögen, Sorgfalt & Verantwortung, menschliche Anteilnahme und Initiative ergreifen deutlich zum Tragen.

Unsere Arbeitsweise

Unmittelbarkeit & Authentizität: Bewusst gewählt, vorbereitet und begleitet, sind die Aktionen in der Natur mit realer Verantwortung und echten Konsequenzen verbunden.

Unsere Arbeitsweise

Sicherheit: Die physische und psychische Sicherheit ist unser höchstes Gut. Wir handeln nach internationalen Sicherheitsrichtlinien und werden hierbei jährlich auditiert und geprüft.

Unsere Arbeitsweise

Transfer in den Alltag: Durch gemeinsame Reflexionen des Erlebten und die Vermittlung von übertragbaren Modellen, ermöglichen wir einen Transfer über unsere Seminare hinaus in den Alltag der Teilnehmer*innen.