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Safety First -

certified programs and instructors

For all employees and the entire organization, the physical and emotional safety of our participants is the highest priority. For example, the safety standards of OUTWARD BOUND Austria for all activities are checked annually by internationally recognized experts and our experienced Safety Board.
All our instructors work according to official safety manuals and tested standards of the outdoor industry. They are trained to work with a wide variety of groups and are able to respond appropriately to the processes that develop during a course or activity.

Our multi-level security concept ensures continuous monitoring and compliance with our security guidelines

“The complex needs of children/youth are met and personal growth facilitated, through various outdoor activities, professional instructors, reflection, and flexibility in program design.”

Fabienne Woiton, SOS-Kinderdorf Weilheim, 08.05.2017

“OUTWARD BOUND trips challenge our students both mentally and physically in a way that they can’t experience at school.”

Colin Campbell, Senior School Deputy Principal, International School of Düsseldorf

“The instructors are very patient, friendly and polite. I was impressed by the facilities and activities planned. With the instructors' help, you could see the group growing together and learning interpersonal skills. Thank you!“

Julian Randt, Student at MCG Gehrden, 16.06.2017

„The children can develop their own strengths, learning to trust themselves and others.“

Anouk Helmholtz, Gymnasium Plochingen, 07.04.2017

„Five days of OUTWARD BOUND gave our participants (slight) muscle soreness, in addition to a beaming face. In such a short time, they were given so much: they improved their self-awareness, and were well on their way to achieving their personal development goals.“

Rebecca Gallandt, Lebenshilfe Bayern e.V., 24.04.2017

Operational measures with which OUTWARD BOUND ensures safe courses:

  • In our daily staff meetings, we discuss the activities planned for the day as well as the state and condition of the groups and their members.
  • Instructors and responsible program managers learn about pre-existing conditions before the course starts through the participants' medical forms
  • We work with small groups only
  • Instructors conduct safety talks before relevant activities
  • Redundancy in all activities
  • Risk analysis for all activities, including recommendations for precautions to be taken by instructors
  • Statistical analysis of incidents leading to constant adaptation of preventative measures
  • Continuous development of security measures and standards
  • Cooperation and exchange with leading committees and associations (e.g. DAV, OEAV, Mountain Rescue Association, Federal Association of Experiential Education)
  • Continuous exchange with OUTWARD BOUND schools in other countries to learn from their experiences (best practice)