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A powerful learning experience for your child

Parent / guardian information

We’re glad you’ve chosen to learn more about us and how we accompany your child on its way.

As a recognised educational institution, we‘ve been working with young people since 1956.

Through „learning by doing“, we want to support your son / daughter in

  • enhancing his / her self-awareness in dynamic situations
  • taking on more responsibility
  • exercising reliability
  • and taking initiative

Our programs confront young people with challenging and extraordinary situations in order to enhance their self-awareness and to offer them new insights about themselves and their group members. Your daughter / your son learns about their own values and beliefs, thus getting the opportunity for further personal development. We strive to be outdoors as much as possible - interacting with nature, landscape and fellow group members in almost any condition our alpine environment has to offer.

Experiences your child will have at OUTWARD BOUND

Together with its classmates, your child will also perform some tasks that might at first appear mundane, their value not being immediately apparent. We try to build upon the everyday experiences of the students by including the in-house experience of living closely with others into our program. The young people will support and help each other. They‘ll wake each other up, set the tables for meals, dry dishes and be responsible for collecting and disposing of the group’s garbage.

We use educational approaches in order to create new perspectives, and we also give feedback to your children about how their actions and behavior can show accountability to others.
We want to talk with them about what they have learned and enable them to perceive their own potential – finally assisting them in setting their own goals for the future, and in promoting a deeper understanding of each other.

Are you worried?

If you’re worried that your daughter or son might feel somewhat overwhelmed, we can promise you this: the children determine themselves how much they‘ll attempt, and how much they want to be challenged! Our professionally trained staff will always be there for your child.
We want your child to come home to you, brimming with tales of fantastic adventures and wonderful experiences, healthy and proud of what it has achieved during the stay with us!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us personally, if you feel something is unclear, or you have specific concerns!

A daily break from media usage

Your child should have the chance to take a complete break from the use of digital media, such as computers or smartphones. We facilitate authentic experiences and encounters instead of virtual games and chats. We gently suggest that your child leaves all electronic devices at home (with the exception of cameras – they’re allowed!). If you need to call in case of an emergency, please feel free to contact our office directly and we will put you in touch with your child. 

Please give us relevant information about your child

When you fill out the questionnaire sheet, please use this opportunity to share important medical information about the health of your child! The trainers and instructors will collect the information upon arrival. If your child should happen to have a long-term or acute illness, please notify us in advance! Unless we receive any further information from you or an accompanying adult prior to your child‘s stay, we assume that everything is fine.