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OUTWARD BOUND Austria - Adventures for life!

OUTWARD BOUND offers outdoor education courses for all kinds of classes and school groups. The core focus remains the personal education and team development of youth, and experiencing nature in its purest form.

In the last 65 years, hundreds of thousands of young people in Germany have gained new insights through our courses

-in the largest classroom in the world-

and brought this valuable knowledge home with them.
Students set their own mental and physical challenges, find wise and creative solutions with others, reach personal goals, and find pride their own abilities.

Our courses: Explorer, Challenge, Passage

We'll gladly assist in creating a course of a suitable length which meets your specifications according to chosen themes, personal wishes, and specific group targets.
The following course formats offer you examples of how the courses might look.

Explorer (1-5 days)/ experience oriented class trip

This programme is designed especially for children in the fourth to fifth grades. Removed from the stress of a typical structured school day, they take part in experiences which usually have no place in everyday life, and tackle assignments offering adventure in the largest classroom in the world. They find themselves again, and enjoy the contact with others through nature.

Challenge (4-14 days)/ experience oriented class excursion

In our Challenge programme, we focus on individual personal development, in addition to class cohesion. We deal with the basics of working together, the awareness and responsibility for those in the group, and creating a sense of mutual trust. Prominent themes are personality types, understanding role functions, and helpful communication models for a more positive group interaction. These are reinforced through various activities and an expedition in the great outdoors. 

Passage (5-10 days)/ Mountains instead of palm trees

Final trips are always a sensitive topic. What is an “absolute must” for the students is becoming an increasingly difficult topic for the teachers. Let's go on this exciting ride together, and take the steps leading to real personal growth. This course is about the transition from adolescent to adult, from high school student to college/university student or employee. It is about finally coming face to face with "life's priorities".

“The complex needs of children/youth are met and personal growth facilitated, through various outdoor activities, professional trainers, reflexion, and flexibility in programme design.”

Fabienne Woiton, SOS-Kinderdorf Weilheim, 08.05.2017

“OUTWARD BOUND trips challenge our students both mentally and physically in a way that they can’t experience at school.”

Colin Campbell, Senior School Deputy Principal, International School of Düsseldorf

“The trainers are very patient, friendly and courteous. I was impressed by the facilities and activities planned. With the trainers' help, you could see the group growing together and learning interpersonal skills. Thank you!“

Julian Randt, Schüler MCG Gehrden, 16.06.2017

„The children can develop their own strengths, learning to trust themselves and others.“

Anouk Helmholtz, Gymnasium Plochingen, 07.04.2017

„Five days of OUTWARD BOUND gave our participants (slight) muscle soreness, in addition to a beaming face. In such a short time, they were given so much: they improved their self-awareness, and were well on their way to achieving their personal development goals.“

Rebecca Gallandt, Lebenshilfe Bayern e.V., 24.04.2017