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Other locations around Austria

In tents, under the stars, or in other accommodations around the country!

In addition to our very own educational centers in Baad (AUT) and Schwangau (GER) we also offer outdoor education programs in stunning locations around Austria. Your accomodation might be a tent, a youth hostel - or the starry sky of an alpine bivouac! 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Mobile Plätze (Lagerleben)

Camp life 

Outdoor education at its best! Move through forests, fields, and alpine meadows as you explore your surroundings, or float across lakes and down rivers on canoes. Sharing spacious tents with your group mates, you'll start to appreaciate each other and the community you've grown into in ways you never imagined before. Taking responsibility for yourself and your group becomes second nature as you cook meals together on camp stoves or an open fire. You end the day around a campfire, playing the guitar and watching the shooting stars cross the endless sky above you. In case of exceptionally bad weather we can use another campsite, or (depending on availability) use a dayroom at the campground to perpare and eat our meals. Depending on the group and the focus of the program, we might stay at a relatively luxurious campground or at an alpine bivouac site. Please reach out to our program managers if you are interested and want to learn more.